Hello My Gorgeous people,

Its been a while and I’ve been home trying to be safe and enjoy my space. Well, I am sure most of you must be going through the same! right?.

Because we all are stuck in this PANDEMIC.

Okay, so can we do anthing about this? NO

Can we change it? NO

Can we keep crying about this? NO

Can we take this time to work on ourselves? YES

Thats my focus since last few months! Analyzing my life and taking time to invest in myself. A lot of people are going through depression, financial crises, emotional issues and soo much more. But, if we are mentally strong, WE can get through anything.

So, lets appreciate each day and every small thing that counts.Focus on things that make you unhappy and work on them. Our crazy work life never gave us the time to focus on our family and friends! Well, Use today to do that 😀

Somedays can be really bad when you wake up feeling low, but you can always make it better by writing a journal. Every morning I wake up and write about things I am grateful for and that has truly made me more happy and positive.

Avoid using social media as most of what you see isn’t real and definitely not worth a bad day. So stop comparing, start appreciating yourself and your life.

Work out for atleast half an hour, that will really help boost your mood.

This time is difficult but we can all get through this together. Talk about your issues with your family or friends. Take therapy, but don’t suffer.

We have a small life and we can all make everyday a little better by counting our blessings.


Have a great evening.



Malvika Gupta


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