The Window to my Open Heart

Sometimes in life, we fall in love. Not the ordinary kind of love, but something that just makes us leave our comfort zone and fight for it. Something we won’t give up, something that makes us stronger.

Its like peace between this chaotic life, like comfort while running towards our dreams. Love is always that for us. Something that just binds us and never really stops. You cannot unlove that human no matter how hurt you might be, how upset they make you as you know they are the ones who bring happiness to you, they are sunshine for you.

Holding on just gets easier as you don’t have to try, it just happens. Despite loving others, you still feel this is different coz you’re not searching for anyone anymore. You are happy here and you learn to adjust just to be with that human. This might sound romantic or stupid, but you know its Love and that’s all you need in this life and beyond.

When fingers completely fill the gap and your smile has no end, thats Love. When roses make you happy even from a distance, thats love. Even when you’re alone and your thoughts make you happy, that’s love.

I hope you find this kind of love and never let it go.

Have a beautiful Monday!



Malvika Gupta



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