Lets Talk About Failures.

Hello My beautiful People,

In a world full of ups, being successful, running in a race, we often crumble memories where we failed. We don’t want to discuss them with anyone, we don’t want anyone to know.


I have my stories too where I failed miserably but I am proud of myself as I got up and tried again. I am also one of you struggling with everyday hassles, stress and relationships. Looking back at 2019, I see both happy and struggle stories. I have shared all the happy ones but its time I share the ones I never wanted to.

Well, to start with let me start by sharing that I really wanted to make a lot of youtube videos this year and create amazing content on youtube. But. that never really happened and I failed. But, thats okay! Il try again and keep on trying till I get it right.

I am learning to accept failure just the way I accepted all my success stories. Another incident where I was harassed by a group of hackers who wanted to defame me. Frankly, I was too low for about a week that I actually thought of giving up on blogging. I just couldn’t take it. I couldn’t digest the fact that someone is bad mouthing all my efforts that I’ve put in my work. I failed at that. But, Thankfully, the fierce Leo woman inside me didn’t give up. And I fought back at them, with everything I could. From reporting it to filing a complaint to telling myself: This will pass, I need to be strong.

You know, we need to love our failures too, as they have helped us to reach TODAY.

You carry pieces of stories of your life, failures being a part of it.

You must embrace them and never hesitate to share your failures. We all need a bit of self love to love ourselves completely. When you fall in love in someone, you love their flaws with all your heart. Why don’t you start with yourself first?

I would love to know your stories and I hope this post could help you appreciate today a little more.

Until Next Time


Malvika Gupta

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