I love that Pimple

Well hello my beautiful people,

Hope you’re having a beautiful Monday morning! Its time for winters and I can feel those chills and dry skin already 😛

Okay so raise your hand if you’re stuck with a big pimple on your face? I say Me too 😦

Does Pimple make you:

  1. Lose Confidence
  2. Less Social
  3. low
  4. feel ugly

Even if a single thought is true for you, you need this blog! I completely agree with Love Yourself Motto in life, I really do! But sometimes, it doesn’t help at all.

Being a blogger, I make videos, click pictures and Acne has been a part of my life since I was 16. There are times when I felt extremely low and demotivated due to my pimples. I stopped meeting my friends, stopped making videos and I used to feel terrible about my skin.  How Did I love my pimple?

I’ve been following some crazy motivating woman on my Instagram who apparently give names to their pimples and its actually soo cute you know!

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself: I look beautiful with that pimple too and see the magic! This might sound stupid right now, but just try it once.

We are noticed by everyone asking us about our acne issues and it just worsens the situation, it really makes us more conscious and awkward. But, if you feel confident from inside, nothing will make you feel low. I have met some of the most beautiful woman with acne!

Embrace that acne, skip the concealer coz you look BEAUTIFUL ❤

Have a great week ahead!



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