My recent experience at Westin Resorts in Sohna

Hey you guys,

How are you all doing, hope you’re having an
amazing amazing day! Well, if you noticed, I’ve been travelling a lot
lately. From Bali to Westin Sohna and now in Kerala.
Talking about my travel to Westin Sohna, I actually went for the launch of a car. I
was a little skeptical about going to Sohna as the network service is quite bad
there. But finally agreed trusting my Airtel network ;D
So, the day when I reached, it was raining heavily and obviously everyone was
pretty upset with their network, unlike me who had a big grin 😀 As always
Airtel didn’t disappoint me. For the event, I had to constantly upload instagram
stories in real time. It was so hectic that I didn’t even get time to edit my
pictures. It was all about shooting, taking approvals and posting. I actually tried
using the hotel Wifi too, but my network was way faster and efficient enough to
access everything at ease.
Talking about Day 2 at the Westin Sohna, morning was a great time to take a
couple of shots and my photographer instantly transferred me all the images
via Wetransfer. Yes, the trip was all about endless travel shots and stories.
For us social media influencers, our travelling is totally dependent on network.
I feel if you have good network service, that ensures that you have a good trip,
as it lets you keep up with everything – from social media to mails to video
chats to playing online games.
I am so happy to be associated with Airtel for over 10 years now.
Do you use Airtel too?

Malvika Gupta

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