Catching up with work at short vacays!

Hey you guys!
Hope you’re all doing great and not stuck in traffic in this rainy season!
Well, talking about myself, my work requires me to travel to various places
and I get stuck in long traffic jams too 😛

I am one person who loves traveling and during the weekends, I am ready
with my bags for short trips. But, one thing that follows me everywhere is
my work. My endless mails, campaigns and most importantly: My social
media notifications. But, I am not complaining! Reason behind this is
Airtel. Yes, my network keeps me connected to my work no matter where I
am. Be it mails or calls, I am always available! All thanks to my network.
The other day when I was in Jaipur over the weekend for my Bff’s
wedding, I got a call for a certain campaign that had to be done there and
then. I had to make a couple of Instagram stories and create a GIF. I did
all that, took approvals and when everything was done, the PR person
was surprised to know that I was traveling and still complete my
deliverables of the campaign. I was thanking my stars and Airtel for
always matching up with my work.
I am one person who loves roaming around new cities and weekends are
a perfect time to explore. So, I put my hat on, pack my bags and just
travel. I am quite a workaholic too, that’s why you will find me sharing
snaps from everywhere (Literally ;D)
So, if you’re one person who loves to travel and keep up with work
too. Go for Airtel and thank me later! The connectivity will ensure that
you won’t have to ask for wifi. Be it video calls, or mails or anything, it
will get your wrk sorted.
I am planning a trekking trip next week and you might just see me go
live on Instagram from the mountains!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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