Following Beauty Hacks & Tutorials

Hello beautiful people!
Hope you’re enjoying Delhi Rains 😀
Well, getting back to work, post travel, seems a little tough.

Nowadays, we all want to get ready quickly and that is only possible if we follow
a good MUA or follow “under 5 mins makeup” tutorials. Don’t you agree?
I love doing street style and playing around with new looks! And for that my all-
time-available buddy is YouTube. Recently I tried bold blue eyes using a quick
tutorial from YouTube and it turned out great. Before any shoot, I spend the day
checking out new makeup looks so that I try something new every time I shoot
fresh content. Sometimes, even when I am shooting, I watch hairstyle videos
and try on new looks.
When I was in Bali, I saw this video to get beachy curls just before heading out.
It was around 5 AM there, and guess what, I got the look right 😀 My network
always gets me going. With Airtel’s full network bars, everything gets so much
easier. I don’t even feel if I am in Delhi or abroad, the network service is too
Recently, I was heading out to meet a friend and instantly got a call for an urgent
event. I hopped on to the nearest cosmetic store and picked up a BB cream and
lipstick, saw a quick makeup tutorial and got ready in literally 5 mins 😀 So you
see, having a good network helps you in all ways.
We all rely on internet for makeup and beauty videos and even while shopping
products, we keep checking videos for reviews. So, having full network and
access to all your needs is as important as anything else.
One advice: Go hop on Airtel now!
Hope this blog was helpful for you guys!

Have an amazing day:)

Malvika Gupta

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