Be Yourself

Hey you guys,

How are you all doing!

I’ve been crazy busy with Popfashion, Relaunching my baby brand 😀

So glad to be back to writing such blogs. Hope you guys missed them 😛

Okay, so this blog is about being Real. Yes, I mean being YOU (100%)

Living on social media all the time tends to sway you away from who you really are and all you’re left with are pieces of different people you want to be. And this leads you to forget that you’re beautiful just the way you are!

Talking about myself, being a blogger people expect me to be flawless, in shape, have good skin and a lot of other things. But, frankly I am just another girl  who wakes up with a new acne, have frizzy hair, struggles with winged liner. But, I love myself just the way I am coz thats what makes me beautiful.

I have a lot of flaws but that’s what makes me ME!

You know, you need to fall in love with yourself first before anyone else. Social media is just a platform to share, don’t let it change you or become someone you’re not.

I see a lot of you sending me messages that you’re being bullied on social media for your body, for the way you speak, for the way you look.

I have one answer to this: Don’t CARE. 

We have our friends and family around us and they truly matter a lot lot lot. More than anyone and anything else.

STOP telling yourself you’re not good enough. You’re complete.

I wake up every morning and tell myself I love myself even when I have the worst skin days, on days I am dealing with stress, days when I just don’t feel that great! That’s how you stay true to yourself.

You don’t have to fake it to make it. Be real and see the change 😀

Hope this post helps you feel good today!

Have a beautiful day


Malvika Gupta


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