Things that are close to my heart <3

Hello my beautiful people,
Hope you’re having an amazing week.
We all have tasks and things that we absolutely love to do. This blog is really special as I am going to share personal stuff that is really close to my heart. So, here are the “Things I can’t live without”.

Firstly, MOBILE Phone!! Do I need to say more? ;D My phone is my mini-universe.
Work, friends, Netflix! It has everything. My day starts with checking whatsapp on my phone and ends with watching movies on it. I carry it everywhere I go, even if I am going
somewhere for 5 minutes. Talking about forever, I’d say that goes for my phone. 😀
Phone and internet just go along perfectly. Internet gives us access to everything, literally
EVERYTHING. Be it mails or music or movies or chatting or messaging! Being a blogger, I just cannot survive without internet. How will I talk to you guys without it? The widespread Airtel network ensures that internet on my phone keeps running at all times. So, I am on the go with all my apps updating me about you guys!

Secondly, it’s my diary. Like I am one person who pens down what happens in my life everyday. I love doing that ❤

Do you guys know that I share quotes, blogs about life? And a person who writes just cannot do without a diary. I have a soul connection with my diary.
Can’t do without it.

We all love our family! Don’t we? The other thing I can’t live without is my family. No matter how much we fight, but eventually we can’t do without them. My dad keeps traveling, so I keep in touch with him via snapchat calls (My dad loves their filters too :P, Face time! All thanks to Airtel that helps us connect anytime, anywhere in the world!

I am a tea lover as well. The first thing that I do when I get up is have tea. Like I just don’t
feel alive without it 😀 I mean it guys, I am a big tea addict and my day just seems impossible without a cup of garam chai.

Lastly, I cannot do without Social media. My life revolves around it. Be it Instagram, FB,
Twitter, I am hooked all the time. We all have made social media our little world 😛

These things that I shared with you all are soo soo important that I just cannot live a day
without them. What are your favourite? Do comment below!

Malvika Gupta

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