Things I love <3

Hey My Favorites,
Hope you’re having an amazing summer. Well, the heat is literally killing all
of us 😦 So, the best rescue is to stay indoors and relax.

Even for me, this summer has become the worst for shooting so instead, I am focusing more on eating mangoes and unwind from this heat. 😀
Talking about what I do to keep myself relaxed, well I have a list of these
things that I love to do:

1. Watching Netflix: I literally do that all day long. My day starts from one
movie and ends after I’ve seen at least 4-5. Frankly, I love this, It just
feels like summer vacations again. You must try doing this too. And
my movies are without any pauses or breaks, all because I use Airtel
4G. Life gets so sorted when you don’t have to wait for buffering
videos and airtel ensures this! What is even better is the free Netflix
subscription with my Airtel Thanks Platinum membership for which I
don’t have to pay extra. Matlab aur kya chahiye!!
2. Cooking: I really don’t know how to cook but I made pesto pasta the
other day and apple bread today 😛 Want to know how? Obviously,
Online! All I do is, tune into a video on youtube and just follow the recipe
and it luckily turned out great. My mom is the happiest to see me cook.
All I can tell her is, Mumma its smooth video streaming experience on
my airtel, not me 😛
3. Video chatting with my BFF all the time: Now that’s what I do to catch up
on some social life. My bff keeps updating me with all our college folks :p
The other day, I literally had a virtual date with her and her fiancé. How? I
was constantly on video chat with them while they were on a dinner date.
Basically I was third wheeling on a video call 😛 No regrets on that!
4. Meditating: I have started meditation this year and it has really helped
me become more calm and stress free. Whenever I do meditation, I put on some good spiritual music on my phone through my Wynk Music app
which also comes at no cost with my Airtel Thanks Platinum subscription.
This helps me balance my energy and relax my mind. Alternatively, you
can google “calming, relaxing music” to get into the groove.
Oh, how I love spa-at-home service from my favorite app! I do this at least
once in 15 days and I am sorted for a week. I would really recommend
this to all of you. Take out some time from your super hectic schedule and
try it. It will really help you relax and unwind.
Hope the above ways would help you a little too. Make sure that you
switch to airtel and get the Airtel Thanks membership so that you can try
all of these without any pause.
Stay Stylish!
Love Malvika

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