Travelling can be fun!

Hello my beautiful people,
How is your day going on?
Travelling has become such an important part of our lives! Be it in a metro, cab,
bus or train. An average human spends about 2-3 hours in travel everyday.
How do you like to spend your time while you’re travelling?
Well, talking about myself, to pass my time during these prolonged hours, I am
glued to my mobile either watching movies, watching my favorite shows on
netflix or video calling my mom all the time. And what gets me going is my Airtel.
With its flowing data service, I don’t even realize that I spent hours traveling. Even
while I am in the metro, I am listening to my favorite songs and the network
works just fine.
I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about network issues inside the metro, but
frankly I haven’t faced any! Just yesterday, I was shooting in some location at
Sultanpur and I was receiving full signals. I went live on my Instagram without any
blur or pause.
So, you know having the right network really impacts our lives. We spend a
section of our lives traveling to various places and we can make the experience
good and entertaining by opting for the right network.

I completed all my Riverdale series while traveling. As soon as I sit in the cab,
within minutes you will find me doing video chat or watching something. It has
become a routine now ;D
Our lives have become so dependent on networks that we don’t even realize it’s
importance sometimes. For example, if one video takes more than 10secs to load,
we become too impatient. Don’t we?
So, opt for Airtel and make every travel journey happy.
Have a great day!

Malvika Gupta

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