Planning My Sister’s Wedding

Hello my beautiful people, hope you’re having a great time!
This summer has been full of weddings. If you follow me on Instagram, you must be aware
that my sister recently got married (earlier this month). Frankly, the function was sooo
good! Spending time with all my family and celebrating. It was a great experience.
So, basically all my family members don’t live in India. They are based in Doha. And my
sister, who got married, lives in New Zealand. Well, I am the closest to her and had to plan
her entire wedding from here. So imagine the prep I had to do! 😀 From fixing the venue, to shopping her outfits, from deciding on themes for her wedding card, I had to do everything from India and seek approval from her. Frankly, it wasn’t that tough as I was on video calls with her all the time.
If you’re wondering how I coordinated with her for everything via video chat, I’d say, all
thanks to my network – Airtel 4G. Even when I was in Chandni Chowk, I was easily able to chat with her, show her various wedding card options. My sister was too happy as she chose everything according to her choice. In the beginning, she was a little tensed about
coordination of various things. But after about almost 100 video calls, everything was sorted 😀
While choosing her wedding lehenga I literally had to go to at least 20 stores across Delhi
showing her various lehengas. From Shahpur Jat to Mehrauli, from Punjabi Bagh to Rajouri.
I spent an entire day doing Dilli Darshan as well ;D Finally, she selected her lehenga from
Frontier Raas and I was relieved. For a bride, that’s the most important thing right?
Coming to the venue, we had to make sure one venue had all the facilities so that all the
wedding functions can be held at one place since most of our guests were from abroad.
After seeing various properties, we selected Lalit CP. I had to show each and every hall to
my sister via video chat. I was constantly sending her pictures along with video chat so that she sees everything!
We don’t really realize but our mobile networks have a huge role to play in our lives. I mean
I completely rely on network for everything.
Thankfully, the wedding was a great affair and everyone had a great time. I am so glad that everything went well.

Wedding Day-55Wedding Day-75

Wedding Day-84.jpg
Special thanks to Airtel for the seamless network experience and making our lives easier.

Malvika Gupta

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