Lets handle social media negativity!

Hola my beautiful people,

Being a blogger plus social media influencer takes a toll on me sometimes. Actually a lot of times 😛

Like this life seems super amazing and full of fun, whereas frankly its a lot of effort that goes being a single shot. I have personally faced social media bullying and yes I did feel super low and upset but eventually I decided not to give in to any negative force trying to pull me down. I didn’t give up, kept fighting and I am sure the future holds more of such rude, bullying actions by fake profiles.

You guys must have felt the same someday, I receive soo many messages almost every other day asking me what should they do?

The answer to this is easy: IGNORE. Well, it might seem like a super easy 6 letter word, but it really does a good job.

Firstly, NO ONE has the right to judge you. Absolutely no one, and if someone is doing it, all you have to do is pay NO attention as this holds no importance.

Also, I have seen a lot of girls and boys running after Instagram pictures that have been filtered with soo many effects. Little do they realize that this is not the definition of beautiful. You’re beautiful just the way YOU are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but social media is no medium to have beauty goals. We live in a filtered world, try finding beauty within yourself.

We keep trying to pull ourselves down. These things can actually hamper your mental growth. We don’t even realize but we end up being a copy of someone else and not ourselves. All we need to do is be better than what we were yesterday.

So, all I want to tell you guys is, live your real life, have real friends who matter to you, you can give their opinion and it actually matters.

Let go of Social media opinions or goals, You have a beautiful life, live it.

I am doing that myself. Hope this post helps enlighten you:)



Malvika Gupta

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