Things I am looking forward to this summer

Hello my beautiful people,
Hope you’re enjoying summer breeze sipping on some Pina colada 😀
Well, summers are definitely my favorite coz all my favorite things happen in
summers! Let’s talk about this today. I think it will be a great idea to share my 5
favorite things that I am really looking forward to this summer, with all you
people. Let’s begin:
1. Summer Dresses:
I absolutely love wearing floral summer dresses. Like LOVE them. This summer it’s
about bright neon shades with dash of floral designs! Neon shades like lime
green, bright pink, tangerine. Don’t forget to wear a hat along to class it up a

2. Watching IPL and World Cup (yes, cricket is my favourite sport):
I am a big fan of cricket. And this summer is going to be all about cricket with IPL
and the world happening one after the other. While do keep traveling, and most
of my days are spent outside home, I am glad all the matches are available for
streaming online. So whenever I am not able to catch a game on TV, I quickly flip
out my phone and stream right away. Thanks to my Airtel 4G connection, streaming on phone doesn’t create any troubles. No pauses, no buffer time and
super-fast 4G speed. It’s too much fun enjoying sports without any hassle. So I am
really excited to cheer for Virat and company this season! Let’s hope India brings
back the glory!

3. Matte Makeup Looks: This looks best in summers, it just adds a lot to the look. I
keep on experimenting with nudes and orange hues when it comes to matte lips.
All I do is watch my favorite MUA’s Videos on YouTube and recreate their look. I
literally create it while watching the video, as there is no pause, my Airtel is my
summer’s best friend.

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset
4. Having Mango Lassi:
Mango is the yummiest summer fruit. I keep on trying new recipes for that.
Summers and Mangoes just go along so well right?

5. Weekend Trips:
Last one, but my favourite is weekend getaways in summers where I can hit the
beach and get some tan on. I literally keep checking new locations, resorts to visit
during summer. I am constantly on my 4G seeing new locations and booking

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
So, that will be the summer for me!
How are you going to spend your summers? Share in the comments!
Malvika Gupta

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