Happy Travel, Happy Network

Hello my Gorgeous people,

You guys know how much I love to travel!

The most important thing while traveling is a good network. I am constantly on the go and I need to be in sync with everything while I travel; be it uploading pictures on instagram, replying back to mails or talking on call.

I recently went to Bali and I literally faced no difficulties in network, as soon as I landed at the airport, my 4G was working, I called up my family, even called a cab!

Whereas, my friends were suffering with no network issue and were quite disappointed with their network provider. Well, that’s why I completely trust Airtel. I have been using it since 10 years and since then I am a super happy customer.  Whether it’s about 4G or cellular network, I have never really faced any issue with it. In fact, I went for a trek, a couple of months back and I had full network there too! 😀

I have never really felt the need to ask for WiFi at hotels, I have always relied on my network provider. While everyone else spends most of their time sitting at hotel’s lobby for WiFi, I relax in my room using my laptop and phone!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0089.JPG Processed with VSCO with g6 preset


Airtel has made my life easier and I am glad I could get the best service within my budget too. I watch movies, do video chats even while travelling and don’t feel the pinch of expensive network ever.

I would really recommend Airtel to you guys for happy travel and never ending chit-chats with your loved ones.

Will be back with more!



Malvika Gupta


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