you need to follow this if you are AGEING!

Hello Beautiful People,

Writing a blog after the longest time! Ageing is one concern most of us women face after 25! Though people are still confused about our age 😛

There are Few things I follow that are really helpful in the long run!

1. Eye Serum: Mostly, we see wrinkles right below our eyes, that is because the skin around our eyes is not nourished. Even if we follow good skin regime, taking care of your eyes is very important. Always apply an eye serum before you hit the bed.  Listing some of my favorite here:

a. Night Oil Serum by Kama Ayurveda (see here)

b. Eye Serum by Indulgeo (see here)

Also, Don’t forget to wear sunglasses even if its not too sunny!

2.  Add Vitamin E to your diet : Vitamin E promotes healthy skin and protects skin from damage. You can consume Vitamin E Tablets for overall benefit.

3. Detox your Body once a week: Opt for detox once a week where you intake fresh fruit juices and Boiled Vegetables. This will help clear up all the toxins and promote healthy skin.

4.  Add lemon slice to your water: This will help detoxify your body and add glow to your skin. This also helps avoid wrinkles and skin issues.

5. Always moisturize your skin, be it day or night! Dryness leads to wrinkles and acne. Make sure you moisturize your skin well. You can use gels or creams according to your skin type. But never miss this step.

6. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to your mornings: Add one tsp of ACV in warm water every morning, this will reduce your PMS Breakouts and resolve skin problems.

So, these are little steps towards good and happy skin. Its not necessary that you adapt all of these. But including some in your life will definitely help you.

Happy Sunday!


Malvika Gupta

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