Say Bye To Skin Issues

As monsoons bless us with some good weather, we welcome some unwanted guests too: ACNE!

I get too many queries about skin concerns, I was myself dealing with them and did not want to stuff myself with pills for this. As we know, Tea tree oil is really good for acne but cannot be applied directly on skin, so after a lot of research I landed to this product: Mirah Belle Anti Acne Body wash.

This product wasn’t very expensive as compared to other products and I decided to try it. After using this for almost a month, My backacne is completely gone and I am more than happy.


  1. Ingredient List: It is made of Tea tree oil, Neem Extract, Fruit Extract.
  2. It is Sulphate free
  3. It is Economical
  4. Travel Friendly packaging
  5. A little is required, it lathers well.
  6. Does not sting my skin.

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I would highly recommend this product to every person dealing with skin issues or skin infection. Just one thing, use this on your skin every alternate day, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. Hope this product review helps you out.

Link to shop this product: Click here


Malvika Gupta.


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