Live Everyday with a smile

Struggling between too many emotions, we often wander between too many ups and downs in our lives. Amidst that, we sometimes lose our smiles which is definitely not a good feeling. I too experienced this in my life and realized that I should have written this blog long back. But, nevertheless, here you go 😀

1. Firstly, we need to train our minds to be happy, happiness is a state of mind.  Everyday when you get up, the first thing you do is tell yourself “Today will be a very happy day”

We usually check our phones in the morning while we somewhere forget that social media is not completely real. By looking at travel feeds or happy pictures of others, we tend to feel that we are unhappy and our lives aren’t that great! So, instead of checking out all that, you need some self love talk.

2. Take out an hour everyday or even 20 minutes doing one simple thing that brings a smile on your face. It can be watching your favorite show or talking to your mom, like anything.

Also, write down things you’re grateful for in a diary. This just takes a minute but gives us a lot of mental peace. Also, whenever you’re low, you can always look back to this diary and find a reason to smile.

3.  Spending time with your loved ones over weekend! We love weekends coz thats the time we can actually catch up on our sleep, go out, shop, basically do everything we’ve been missing. But, we are too caught up catching up on things that we unknowingly neglect our loved ones. Do spend time with people who matter.

4. We often feel really bad over what others think of us. Well as we know, If we will think what others will say? Then, what will they think! So, just relax, Do everything you want to, you just have one life. Be happy

5. Work hard, same some money and travel! Not for pictures, but for content and to learn new things about yourself.

Lastly, Smile, Smile as much as you can 🙂

At the end of a long day, all we want is a smile and a happy life, Start TODAY!


Loads Of Love

Malvika Gupta


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