Yes YOU!

Its Weekend and the best time to pamper ourselves! We are usually too busy in partying or working over the weekend that we forget the most important thing, i.e., to love ourselves. The way to do that is to do things you love. Sometimes we just do what everyone else is doing, its important to listen to yourself. It can be going for a drive or having your favorite coffee. We need to spend good time with ourselves too. This helps us analyze situations and ourselves better. We are usually looking for answers by talking to our friends, but eventually its US who needs to take certain decisions.

Trust yourself, accept yourself, even if you’ve taken wrong decisions, thats okay! Happens with EVERYONE.

I have personally decided to spend weekends all by myself, previously I used to work over the weekends, not anymore. I make it a point to spend it wth myself, do something I like. So, this weekend I made it a point to write this blog as this really makes every happy. Also, I explored another food place yesterday DutyFreeBar! Well, if you follow me on Insta, you will know my love for foooooood 😀

This blog is to tell you that you’re an amazing human being, never ever give up on yourself. Before anything and anyone else make yourself happy.

You’re blessed with beautiful things in life, appreciate that. Never ever punish yourself for decisions, learning and growing is a beautiful thing.

I hope this blog brings a smile on your face.


Much love

Malvika Gupta



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