Hello My Beautiful Beautiful people,
We all want perfection, from silky hair to glowing skin to healthy body.
But, living in a super busy life like ours, its not easy to get everything right?
What if I tell you about one magical product that can help you get all of this only
with one bottle!

Presenting Our Forever Favorite product “Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin”
One purest product with the goodness of almonds that helps in:
1. Getting Healthy Hair
2. Super Soft Skin
3. Better Immunity, which means more Power
4. Sharper Mind
5. Stronger Bones
6. Multiple applications
7. Edible – drink with milk or dressing on food/salads
8. Body massage
9. Hair and head massage
10. Apply on skin, face and body
One bottle is all it takes to get all these benefits; I’ve been using this myself and
its one Unani product that provides mental and physical wellness.
I use it to take off my makeup too and my skin feels baby soft post that.
Especially in winters, this product is a must when we are suffering from dry scalp,
flaky skin and our body needs nourishment. Including this product in your
everyday life will definitely turn out to be a very good change. You will notice the
benefits from the very first day!


My personal experience with Roghan Badam Shirin has been so good that I
would recommend this to each one of you.
Remember our Grandma always used to tell us to use almond oil? Well,
Hamdard’s Roghan Badam Shirin is still doing that for us.
Do use and let me know your experience with the same.
You can check them out here :
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HamdardRoghanBadam/
Instagram handle: @roghanbadamshirin
Twitter handle: @RoghanBadam
For More posts, stay tuned with me here.
Malvika Gupta

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