My Experience with Delhi Airport

Well Hello You Beautiful people,

Hope you’re having an amazing love filled February.

My month is full of Travel and loads of Happy moments. Well, Travel is always my first love and what actually matters the most while you’re traveling is the Airport.
Yes, its true. We spend more hours at the airport than flights! Ever thought about that?

Lately, While I was traveling to Delhi Airport, I reached early and to my surprise there is soo much at the airport that you can literally spend hours there.



From Beautiful decor, where we can take endless pictures to huge food court to shopping to fun activities. Talking about shopping, I realized Airport shopping is beyond liquor and expensive commodities. There are sooo many brands available at the airport like Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Nykaa. The airport provides numerous recreational and entertainment services. Shopping, food, healthcare or lifestyle, there is something for


Most of them offer duty free shopping, which means, we can buy products at discounted rates at the airport than regular retail outlets. Like while I was at Steve Madden store, I picked up a bag and it costed me INR 5000, If I buy that bag from a regular outlet it will cost me INR 7000. So, you see the difference!

I am sure a lot of us had no idea about this. I used to think that Delhi Airport is expensive but all my Myths got busted this time! Post shopping, I was relaxing at a bar with few drinks and wondering, Why didn’t I come to the Airport Early?

So, Now you know all the perks to Reaching Airport Early.

Go Early and Experience the best with Delhi Airport. For more details refer:

Have a safe flight and an amazing airport experience!


Malvika Gupta

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