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Hello My Forever Favorite People,

Its another beautiful beautiful day and this blog post is very close to my heart, you will know why! Read on,

Okay, So as you know that I started blogging 4 years back and the journey has been very enriching and learning for me. It looks like one profession that is full of free goodies, enjoyment and has no hardwork involved because getting a picture clicked is the easiest thing to do (not)

Almost everyone wants to be a blogger looking at others blogger’s social media profiles full of good pictures, travel diaries and luxury products.

So, here I am bursting few blogging myth bubbles for you guys!


MYTH: Bloggers are Rich

Truth: We bloggers work hard to earn money, its not easy to shoot at 6AM in the morning to get one perfect shot, its not easy to be active on all social media channels along with meetings, mails, shoots and a lot of stress. Goodies don’t pay our bills, we DO that.

Getting a project is just not easy, you need to level up with almost EVERYTHING!


MYTH: Taking a picture is easy (Obviously NOT)

Truth: Taking a picture for your WhatsApp display or FB Cover picture seems like a 2 Min task. But holding a pout for minutes for a single good picture requires a LOT of patience, boldness (100 people watching us) and we PAY our photographers!

It takes a lot to be a Pro at winged liner, Red pout and endless styling!


MYTH: Its an easy life, Wake up Late, Relax, Snap a coffee picture and you’re FAMOUS

Truth: Well, we get up at 6 Am, Deck up with all that glitter, shoot, go for meetings, keep talking to our followers, plan things for the next day, edit pictures! IMP: We need to keep up with Insta stories, snapchat, FB Stories too!


MYTH: Bloggers live the BEST Life.

Truth: Well, we fight for it. We have bad days too where we just don’t want to do anything! Still, we handle all those emotions, put our Mascara and we are ON!


MYTH: Bloggers Work according to their mood

Truth: We work 7 days a week, yes, our Mondays can be sundays too! But, there are days when we work 7 days a week straight without any break. And our Profile speaks that for us.

I agree with the fact that, YES, Its a dream life we are living but we work very very hard for it like any other profession.

We might not show, but it takes a lot to be there for each person who has a question to ask! Blogging is definitely a Thankless Job, but all the love that we get just makes up for everything!

Hope this post helps you understand Bloggers a little more!


P.S I had to rush to take this shot as it was almost time for sunset as I was shooting a video before and I just didn’t want to delay this post anymore.


Malvika Gupta







12 thoughts

  1. Again you rock❤️This blog is so amazing that after reading this blog I love u 10000 times moreeeee😍😍😍😍you are so hardworking my love🔥🔥🔥🔥 more and more power to youuuu😘😘😘😘😘


  2. My fav blog post ever😘😍
    U r a sunshine👑💞
    You rock in every single shot🤗🤗🤗
    U have done alot to there where you are now nd it is paying you baby☺️😋😍❤️❤️😘😘😘😘
    U r a youth icon my sunshine😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love u more like anything 😍❤️😘😘😘😘


  3. Ok!! I read your blog 🙌🏻 Actually i always wanted to be a blogger & yes i’m trying too, i’m giving my best in my city. But after reading your blog i’m seriously soo much into your life that even now i can imagine those crappy days which you’ve seen, those struggling face,the pain of working in every atmosphere 😔 Dude you are my favourite & you’ll be my favourite❤️❤️ Tho yess there are many a more bloggers who might stands above you but you the one who INSPIRED me in this blogging field. For me you’re more than those bloggers.. Just keep shining Malvika as you’re my inspiration & I don’t want you to let down anyhow.
    You seriously love your fans equally, you’re amazingly best best best 😍❤️❤️
    “My dream- To met you as soon as possible & yes to work with you once 😍🙈”
    I love you soo much 🌸💞


  4. Best blog post I ever seen.😍❤
    Love it.👍👈
    You are so hardworking and your every single shot is so so perfect🔥More power to you.😘
    Love Love Love!💋


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