Happy Love Year

We all tend to relate February with love ❤

We see red all across. from cute heart balloons to heart shaped muffins. From beautiful street lights to adorable Archies cards. Its Everywhere. But, What if we consider this entire year as Love Year? Like Really!

What if we don’t want to give up on happiness, teddy bears and red. This special post is specially curated to tell you guys that lets share Love throughout instead of just a month. Red is one color that just brightens up our day. I am personally addicted to red Starbucks glasses and red sunnies. I want to be a part of love in my OOTD’s , In my bag closet, In my food and a lot more!

We stick to certain stereotypes and continue that legacy like forever! Lets value life and happiness, tell that person “I LOVE YOU”, Gift that rose, Ask out for a date, propose TODAY! There is no good time better than today.

As everyday brings in a lot of new opportunities, learnings and smiles, it also give you a chance to change today into a very memorable and beautiful day. Lets stop the date chase and flow with everyday :*



Also, talking about my post, I curated this look wearing this beautiful dress from faballey (Shop here)


Have a beautiful week ahead! Sending across some xoxo

Malvika Gupta



8 thoughts

  1. Well, I agree to this let’s make this year a love year.❤️I really love the way you create positive vibes around❤️ love you malvika😘
    Best wishes🎼✌️


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