Sparkle YOU!

We are all individuals born with special abilities to do certain things the BESTEST way!

We are all different in our own way, yet we feel we are competing! We might be fighting for the same job or dealing with certain situations but we forget the most important thing, i.e., BELIEVING in ourselves.

Among this crazy rat race, we miss on the beautiful things we can do. If I take my example, I am a Mass Communication student who wanted to become a Media Planner. That’s all I thought, I even did my masters keeping that in mind. But as life would have it, I realized that I wanted to do something on my own and thats how Styleonwings happened.

Though I learnt a lot about myself in this journey, but I also believed in myself that I will make it. And today, Here I Am sharing this story with you guys. So, its not about what you do,but how you do it with all that you have.

If you won’t believe in yourself, No one will. This statement is true. People push themselves, Fight, Fall, Fight, Fall and Finally Win.

We all have something special about ourselves and that makes us sooo special. You just need to tell yourself, YES I CAN and YOU WILL.






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