Himalaya Youth Eternity

Hello My gorgeous people,

Talking about looking young forever seems a little blurry because as we age, we notice a lot of stress lines, dullness, pigmentation, wrinkles and a lot of other things that gives us nightmares. Apart from ageing, there are other factors too that cater to a lot of skin issues like pollution, tension, inadequate sleep, alcohol, etc.

The best way to take care of your skin is to have a proper regime, that will not only improve the skin’s texture but add radiance, softness and prevent fine lines.


Himalaya has recently launched a very special range “Youth ETERNITY” , formulated from the finest of nature’s youth preserving ingredients, gives the skin the power to preserve itself for the future by:

  • Making the skin soft and smooth
  • Increasing the glow and luminance
  • Reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and crow’s feet in 4 weeks.
  • Significantly improving skin hydration
  • Evening out the skin tone

They have launched 3 products under this:

  1. Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream

This cream softens the skin, reduces age spots and pigmentation in 4 weeks, minimizes visible pores, evens skin tone and enhances skin luminance. I personally use it and then apply my foundation as the product is very light and completely blends into my skin.

2. Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream

This has similar benefits like day cream. Apart from them, this improves skin hydration, skin elasticity and skin tone. My skin glows when I get up in the morning.

3. Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream

Dark circles is one common issue we all face. No matter how many layers of concealer, its always good to work on the root cause by using Himalaya’s under eye cream. Its filled with antioxidants that treat puffy morning eyes. This visibly reduces under eye pigmentation and dark circles in 4 weeks. This also hydrates and helps the eyes look brighter.



The best part about this range is this, that the main ingredient is Edelweiss flower which is found in pristine mountain slopes of the alps in Europe. It has the ability to preserve itself in harsh habitats, any damage caused by climactic conditions is reversed by the regenerative and self renewing power of this flower. And that’s why the Edelweiss stays pure, fresh and blooming!

I would highly recommend this product to you guys!

Stay beautiful xoxo


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