I love you Ma & Pa

As I Jump into family albums, My eyes gleaming soo bright as I saw the One year old me in my mum and dad’s arms innocently looking into my beautiful new world.

Dressed in a pink frill skirt, with a small little hat, though I am a summer baby but parents are parents. They can make you wear boots in summer and overcoats in rains.As I was shuffling through pictures, i saw a teenage picture of me with lil tiny acne here and there reflecting my growing age, Still I see my birthday picture with ma and pa besides me while their eyes are shining bright that their lil girl is 16 now.

More pictures, More memories.


I decided to write a letter to my parents, here is how it goes:

Dear Ma & Pa,

I still remember how you both were around during my first walk, i still have blurred memories coz that truly was my happy moment as a baby girl.

I still remember you telling me its okay when I had to wear specs in Kindergarten and all kids made fun of me.

I still remember you and ma showing me 100 of clothes option for my birthday and me rejecting all of them coz I wanted to buy a short mini dress.

I still remember you and ma discussing about funds for my college fees without saying a bit to me.

I know you know I took that cash from the drawer, but you were quite and asked me If I wanted more Pocket Money.

I still remember you guys cleaning up my room all the time.

I remember how Mum jumped in excitement as I came back from my Military camp after a week.

I still love eating dal chawal that you make for me ma.

I still love listening to long long discussions with you daddy.

I am a grown up now, i might not show, But I remember everything.

I love you two. Always have, Always will.

No matter where life takes me, holding your hands is the safest place I can ever be ❤


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