How I met my Best Friend!

Well, Yes! Our Best Friends are people who are always around with advices, free hugs and loads of good and happy times 😀

We just cannot do without them, Be it birthdays or family reunions, they are a part of all occasions. Since Childhood, I always had a best friend around, like kids I had a best friend in school for sharing lunch, best friend near my apartment for playing hide and seek, one best friend in my family friends and what not. As I grew up, I realized that there can be just one best friend, but then your best friend can be somebody else’s BFF too! Right?

And then, I met my little munchkin Boo Boo! She was actually a gift to me, and with time she became my best friend. My definition of a best friend completely changed, My best friend had running nose and wiggling tail, my best friend had paws and my best friend was always around for long hugs and cuddle.



In the beginning , it was tough for me to handle boo boo and blogging, no nail paint coz I had to take care of the little one. I had to be home for long hours, I had to make her sleep then go to my bed and loads of other things.

Its been almost 2 years since I have her and I truly feel blessed to have her. Its like dogs are our fur ever friends that love us endlessly. If you have a paw bestie too, comment below :*



Have a HAPPY HAPPY Day 🙂



Malvika Gupta


6 thoughts

  1. I too have my furry best friend named Casper🙈 I got him around 2 and a half years back and since then we are inseparable.
    Boo boo is so cute💋❤ I follow u guys on snapchat and absolutely love you both💕
    Btw this is a great post😘


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