I am a HAPPY Girl

Yes! Say that to yourself every morning as you get up and every night as you sleep.

We are sooo busy in our careers that all we think about is our pending project report or how to work on our salary. Little do we realize that we are growing older everyday. The wrinkles near our eyes are getting stronger day by day and all we think about is our Salary, That latest Gucci bag and what not.

I am not saying thats not important, obviously it is. If we like traveling or if we like cooking, we eventually need money for these things. But, What I am really saying is this that, just for a minute look at yourself in front of the mirror and say “I am a Happy Person”

And believe me, you Will be happy. This might sound like a stupid tale, but it will lead you to happy soul, trust me.

If you’re some one who believes in energies, who believes that universe is magical, try this once. We are living on Earth that rotates 24X7, we can definitely believe in Miracles right?

Our mind and body reflects our soul, reflects what we think. If you learn to train your mind, you will eventually learn to keep your self happy on your own.

There are days when I am very low, I just look at myself and say “Lets do this” and yes! I actually have a good day.

I hope you have a good day and a very good life.



Malvika Gupta

2 thoughts

  1. I love reading everyblog of urs ur truly a positive prsn ur inspriational thots on insta status make my life sorted n make me go more closer to my destination keeping doing this lots of sucess come ur way in unconditional ways keep the good work up xoxo ur biggest insta fan❤


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