Lets Fight Depression!

Sometimes, while traveling in the metro, we go numb. The rapidly moving crowd seems blurry, so does our life. Isolation & Heartache Is all that we feel.

Guys, personally I have been through depression too. I had no idea about it, until one day I started to realize that I get up feeling tired, I have no energy to do anything, my appetite  is almost zero, I hate socializing and all those things that made me feel terrible about my life.

I wanted to see a doctor, My friends told me you’re okay, no need to go see a doctor. Some one said “You’re not mad”. I thought of dealing with this on my own, so I decided to make myself happy by doing one good thing everyday. It started with a very low note, but eventually post 3-4 months, I could feel I am happy, I wanted to meet people, I wanted to laugh, I wanted to work hard. That zeal came back.

But what actually made me write this blog is the fact that too many of us are dealing with Depression and most of us don’t know how to deal with it.

Firstly, let me tell you “ITS OKAY”

You will be fine, this is normal. Happens, You will get up from the floor and live again.

Some things you should know :

  1. Share your problem with people, like real people not social media. If you feel you don’t have friends, write it down.
  2. Promise yourself to do 1 thing that you like EVERYDAY even if its a very small thing like eating a chocolate.
  3. Never ever stop your tears, if you feel like crying take it out.
  4. Do not ask anyone to judge your situation or problem.
  5. Do not have negative people around, please say NO and walk out
  6. Engage yourself in something be it work or some activity.
  7. Accept situation and try to make yourself understand that Time is never constant, Good time will come soon. Deal with the issue, don’t run away from it.
  8. Don’t get dependent on Alcohol or Cigarette.
  9. Instead of opting for Pills, Rely on things like painting or things you like to do.

Read this Carefully: “Instead of saying I’m Damaged, I’m Broken, I have Trust issues”

Say “I am Healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over”

Some stories that touched my heart:

  1. I am so isolated from society which has made me like machine.I do not have any emotion even though I lacked basic humanity and social contact .I show  routinely mildly sociopathic tendency and difficulties with socialisation on other hand I have efficient behaviour to operate in hazardous situation and I also know that I do succeed because from my core I am broken. I am not worried about myself. I am worried about my parent who is going to see their son after long time .
  2. I broke up with my long term boyfriend, I had a relationship of 10 years. he is the most wonderful person I met. I am sooo guilty that I broke up, I did not feel anything for him. This guilt has made me the saddest person. I don’t know if I can get up and live again.

And a lot more revolving around these stories.

We might have committed a lot of mistakes in our lives, its okay. We all are learners and imperfect. Its important to learn from your mistakes and move forward in life. Forgive yourself, Love yourself.

Keep your feelings at priority, you need to be fair to yourself first.

Have a blessed week, Smile:)


9 thoughts

  1. You may ask how I came across your site? I put a filter showing posts relating only to depression and got sooooo many people writing about their depression. I want to play my part and help someone even one. Because I know what it takes to suffer from depression. I experienced all kinds of emotions. At extremes, have mood swings dozens of times a day. No single person came to my rescue. Not even best friends. I got to know real faces of all during those 4 years. Doctors treated me to extremes made me unconscious for hours so many times by giving me heavy dosed injections and it affected my memory as well. All dreaded emotions. I experienced even so many things. I suffered it for 4 long years recently overcame if with my self belief realising my strenghts.

    If you have time, we can discuss about this issue and take even the smallest initiative we can. I want to do it fo people and I do not want to experience such hard emotions I underwent. I cnnot take initiative on such big social issue alone. I need some help. Maybe we can even conect with some more people and then decide “HOW WE CAN GO ABOUT THE ISSUE AND WHAT ROLE WE CAN PLAY?”


  2. “Instead of saying I’m Damaged, I’m Broken, I have Trust issues”

    Say “I am Healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over”

    If everyone starts practicing this! 50% of the problem is already solved!

    Loved this totally! 🙂


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