My Bra is ME

Hello Ladies,

Living in a society, we see a stare when our Bra strap fiddles here and there! Since childhood we have been taught to hide our bra, be it under a dress or under your towel at home. Even when we buy it from a local shop, we get that in a black packet!

Today, if you go to a lingerie showroom, you will see too many gorgeous bra pieces. From Sports bra to Padded one, the market is flooded with too many options for every one of us.  Sometimes, I feel tempted to wear a floral bra under my white tee just because I love it. Not to show anyone, but for myself.


All you girls out there reading this, know that the bra we wear is who we are! its you! I don’t see any man hiding his vest, then why should we hide our BRA!

Never ever settle for any bra that does not makes you happy just because its not meant to be shown so it doesn’t matter. Victoria secret is ruling the industry mainly on their lingerie! So, obviously its a big deal choosing a bra for yourself.

Next time, when they point at you asking you to put that strap into place, you know what to do.




Thank you for reading! Do drop in your Reviews!



Malvika Gupta




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