Why should you feel happy today!

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Yes, every morning when you get up, most of us wake up tired and low. Well frankly, that’s not a physical state but solely your mental state of mind! We are gifted with the opportunity of living our life, we just cannot survive, we need to LIVE.

  1. Before you sleep, speak it out load *I AM THANKFUL FOR THIS LIFE AND I WILL BE MY BEST* and sleep. Stop your mind from thinking anything negative, push your mind to sleep.
  2. Once you get up, do the same thing again, wash your face, write a journal or you can pen down things you need to do and then leave your bed.
  3. Have a good breakfast, If you live with your family, greet everyone with a happy morning wish and then start your day.
  4. Always keep a motivation wallpaper in your phone, we all are glued on to our mobiles all the time and if we see a positive thing a lot of times, it eventually hits our mind.
  5. Pass a smile when people look at you, their smile will make your day.
  6. Try to help people if you can. It can be a small thing like holding the door for someone coming after you.
  7. Pray.Meditate for sometime.
  8. Try Reaching out to your friends, message them or meet up.

Everyone of us is going through some or the other issue, but what really matters is how we transform our vibes in something beautiful. Stay happy, you are blessed. Learn to be grateful, not everyone has what you do.


Much Love

Malvika Gupta


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