In this crazy life of setting up our careers, going on travel vacations, snap chatting and Video calling, we all have our low moments too.

Lets accept it, we all have experienced heartbreak at some or the other time in our lives. And, without saying that has only made us stronger and push people away.

Talking personally, I have been a victim too. From butterflies in my tummy to roaring heartache. From smiles to endless tears. But, Its OKAY. At some point of time, I thought life doesn’t have anything left. I thought I don’t want to live anymore. I thought maybe I should give up everything and go somewhere alone or probably leave my blog too.

And today, I am proud of Who-I -Am. I am proud of the strong woman I am today. All I want to say is this, that if you’re heartbroken, its really OKAY. Its not the end of the world, we are minute part of this universe, so is that person. Magic happens EVERYDAY. We cannot give up on this beautiful life, we need to make it better and make ourselves stronger.

YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS: Do things you love, Leave everything else on pause. Spend time with Family or friends. Learn to love yourself more, Pamper yourself everyday. You need it ❤

Lets all learn to Rejoice and celebrate life, Be kind to others, Fall in love again.

Have a beautiful day!



Malvika Gupta

8 thoughts

    1. Can u please help getting me out of a relationship which is 8years old but it’s not working anymore. I dint feel the same way for him anymore


      1. Hey! love I would highly recommend you to share what you feel with that guy. get some confidence and speak it out. You need to be loyal to your feelings, he will be hurt but its good for him too. Just one thing: ask yourself if you gave your 100 percent to solving any issue or anything between you guys. then tell him so that you’re clear too and don’t regret it in the future.


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