RoohAfza Partners with Barista and introduces 2 exciting new beverages

Okay, so we are kids who have been brought up having Roohafza almost every day. Be it
milkshakes or family get togethers, RoohAfza has always made us smile.
As we grew up, coffee became our go-to drink! From coffee dates to endless coffee cups at
work, but what if I tell you could have the best of both RoohAfza and Barista.
Well, YES! It’s True. RoohAfza has partnered with Barista and launched two exciting cold
beverages, RoohAfza Shakerato and Masaaala RoohAfza. While RoohAfza Shakerato offers a twist of RoohAfza with a Barista espresso shot and ice to give a nerve tingling experience,
Masaaala RoohAfza is RoohAfza shaken and stirred with soda, shikanji masala with mint and ice to bring a tangy twist.



Both the beverages will be available soon at 100 Barista outlets across India. I personally got the chance to taste these beverages and I absolutely loved every bit of them. Refreshing yet fulfilling our coffee needs. I am waiting for them to launch their Winter edition as well.

This collaboration is an initiative to connect with the youth of the country. Speaking at the launch, Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales and Marketing officer, Hamdard said,"This endeavor is a part of the transformational phase that Hamdard is currently in. One of the key focus is to establish a connect for RoohAfza with the millennials of today, and be available to them in the formats and environment they hang out in. There has been a perceptible move towards natural, herbal products in the consumer space, and RoohAfza sits naturally on this positioning. The two drinks, Roohafza Shakerato and Masaaala RoohAfza provide for an edgy fusion of two sensational beverages, and we think this will go a long way in establishing alternate and myriad usages of RoohAfza all year long. We would also be introducing hot drink combinations for the upcoming
winter season. We see this unique partnership with Barista as a long term strategic alliance, where heritage meets cool and gives the young consumers a twist they would love.”


So, you must get excited and definitely try them once they are out. I will be back with more yummy reviews.
Malvika Gupta

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