Hey Guys,

Its time for yet another Self Discovery Post! And this one is super special 🙂

Okay, so sometimes we notice that while we are going through a bad phase, our skin tends to look dull, we start having hairfall.

When it comes to periods for us girls, some of us experience acne and breakouts. We always think of these issues as skin problems but we never really realize that our body is trying to tell us something.

Now, read this very carefully, the emotions that we feel within our heart reflect though our body, what we eat reflects your body, what you think reflects your body.

One of the most precious gift we have got is Our body and we should love it and take care of it. When we are stressed or upset, we strain our mind which leads to hairfall and breakouts. While its a new budding love story, we experience red cheeks, big smile and definitely healthy skin. Depression makes it dull and bad.

I personally felt both of these things and indeed, I learnt things about my body. While I was going through a rough phase in my life, my skin became dull and patchy, my hair started thinning and I just didn’t want to meet anybody. I gave up on my social life because I was low and had bad skin. Whenever, I used to go out, people used to ask me about my bad skin which made me stay home even more.

Post sometime, I decided to get up and fight back my emotions and actually won over them. I accepted my skin and went out to meet people, started back my blog, gave more time to my sisters and within a span of 2-3 months , My skin got better, Hair were much more healthier.

My glow got back, And I understood MY BODY SPEAKS concept.

Its just very important to LIVE this life and not just exist. Bad times, Rough phases are something everyone goes through but who really wants to work on them and get over that sinking feeling.

When you get up in the middle of the night having a heartache, assure yourself things will be fine.

When you cry seeing something you miss, kiss yourself (flying kiss would do)

When you feel alone, Say it loud * I am there for myself and no one can pull me down*

These things might sound a little stupid, but trust me they really work.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and learnt certain things too! Stay happy, Keep shining!



Photography by Yashika Jain (Here)

Makeup by Neha Lakhani (Here)


Malvika Gupta


2 thoughts

  1. Going through a rough phase in my life , sit lonely most of the time and think why it is happening with me?? Thankyou for this post , yes our body is precious gift for us , you inspire use . I have met you and how amazing you are , thankyou for the inspiration .👐💕


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