Travel to Kashmir


The first thought that ponders over our mind is the beauty this place manifests and the amazing nature views we can think about, Clouds, Apples, big grounds!

I always wanted to explore this beautiful place and thankfully, I got a chance to visit it with my family. Security is always one thing that we were very alert of, but then after reaching that place we realized, its really not that bad as we get to hear and see from the news channel.

After reaching the airport, we headed straight to our hotel, the weather was beautiful, clear sky and pleasant weather. Greenery all through our way to the hotel. We checked into Asian park hotel.

The first day we went to Chashme shahi, its one of the Mughal gardens built in 1632 AD by emperor Shah Jahan. Its a Beautiful garden that has a temple. There is a water tank which is believed to cure any pain that we have.


Post that we headed to Dal lake for some boat ride. To my astonishment, the boat ride seemed more like boat shopping. There were boats around selling jewels, Handicrafts, Food. The water was clear, the boat ride was about half an hour. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating because when you go to a place like Kashmir you definitely want to invest in some good nature therapy.

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One thing about Kashmir that I absolutely Love is Kashmiri Kahwa, it is too damn good. Like the yummiest thing. If you’re a tea lover, you just cannot miss this.

Apart from Kahwa, I absolutely loved Kahmiri pulao, Rajma and everything! Like the food there is too good, do try street food there, its hygienic plus very good. And, is not very expensive.

Second day we headed to Gulmarg, which is for horse riding and Gulmarg Gondola. It was totally like Switzerland which I visited last year. The Gondola ride takes you 14000 Feet above and the view is breathtaking. You are actually at the level of clouds. Its too cold up there that you can grab some hot coffee and sit for a while. Literally, Kashmir is no less than heaven. The natural beauty is something you just cannot miss.



Day 3 was for Pahalgam, it is around 100Km from kashmir. We decided to stay overnight over there. We crossed a lot of beautiful places while reaching pahalgam, it was one of the most beautiful place I have even been too.

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One cafe you just cannot miss here Is Cafe Log inn, Its a typical European cafe with some amazing coffee and snacks. Its a must visit.

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Overall, Pahalgam is one place that is one place which is very beautiful and is quite. Definitely for those who love nature and want some time to relax to wind away from hectic life.

I would highly recommend you guys to go to Kashmir, its one place in India you really should plan. I have been to a lot of hill stations, but this place has sooo good vibes.

Its just soo good to experience beautiful sights and have a peaceful vacay.



Malvika Gupya

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