Waiting for my Prince Charming

Ever since I was a little girl playing with Barbie, Ken would make the perfect partner for my doll. Believed that my Ken would be out there somewhere, waiting for his barbie to arrive.

As I grew up, things started to change, life was more of Mario than a Fairytale!

Still, having the perfect partner thoughts never faded away. In life we come across sooo many people, some leave, some stay! we somehow, unknowingly, rely our happiness on them. When we see them leaving, we fear the world, stop loving ourselves, sometimes punish ourselves for things that made them leave.

After going through a roller coaster of emotions, we forget that who our Real hero is “ME”


We forget how important is self love, if we cannot make ourself feel special , pamper ourselves, then how do we ask a stranger to do that for us?

All our lives, we wait for that special someone to come, pamper us, take us out on dates, shop with us.

Its always a beautiful feeling having all that, but have we ever thought, why can’t we take ourselves out for our favorite coffee? Why can’t we enjoy watching the Rainbow alone?

It takes a lot to love somebody, but before that LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.


In the middle of this chaotic life, instead of your Dreamy Prince Charming, Be your own Princess and smile.

Fairytales do exist, but I just wonder why did Rapunzel wait for Prince Charming to save her, Because we girls are too strong, We can chop off anything ourselves.

Prince Charming can take his time.



Thank you for reading!



Malvika Gupta

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