Weekend Getaway at Lalit Mangar

Hello My Beautiful People,

This time of the year is just perfect for some unwinding and relaxing. Living in a super busy life leaves us with a lot of stress, its important to exhale it all out with a nice getaway. I recently went To The Lalit Mangar with my favorite girl, Bee! Trust me guys, this place is Beautiful. Almost a 2 Hour drive from Delhi, the property is located right amidst a forest. I could spot Mountains and Peacocks all around. Apart from this, the food is sooo sooo good, its completely organic, that means, everything is grown in their own farms and freshly cooked for you.


From Chia seeds pancakes to brownies, the menu is too versatile and every dish has something special to it. whenever we go to a hotel, we usually look out for good service and good food. You will get all this in abundance here.

Sharing my schedule,

Day 1: We reached late evening and were welcomed with yummy treats I our rooms. Post that we had a great time seeing the Puppet show organized for us. very very entertaining. For the night, we had some pizza and Indian cuisine and dozed off!

IMG_0836 2.JPG

Day 2: We woke up to beautiful sunrise, we actually just wanted to relax , so post breakfast we went for a super relaxing and rejuvenating spa session.  Their service was beyond excellent and we had a great de stress therapy. post spa, we enjoyed some Traditional tea session at Tapri. Evening was for pottery and sky gazing which was an amazing experience, we saw Saturn, Jupiter and Moon too closely. I felt like a school kid again! Also, we had some good cycling session at night post a grand Dinner.





Day 3: This day was for departure, so we spent some time sitting outside and appreciating nature around.


This is one of Lalit’s most beautiful property, you can also indulge in some mountain sports there!

I would really recommend this place to you guys!


Until next travel story,


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  1. Love this 😘 your words in this blog are so mesmerising and magical … You really look preety … Please come to jaipur as soon as possible ..

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