Get Fit With Saffola

Hey Guys,

Hope You’re doing super! I am a super big foodie and a big health freak. Though both these terms sound a little contrasting, but then we can always cook good food using the correct ingredients like Saffola Aura , the first ever Olive oil with Flaxseed oil. The best of Spanish Olive oil and flaxseed oil are combined together to give you the benefits of powerful antioxidants and omega-3 in one single oil.


I mean that is soo good, cooking oil really affects our health. Indian food cannot be cooked without oil and with the launch of New Saffola Olive+Flaxseed Oil, we can all be fitter.

Saffola Launched this oil in the presence of Chef Kunal Kapur And celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija while discussing about the benefits and important elements of this oil.



Saffola Aura blends the finest Spanish Olive oil with the goodness of flaxseed oil , to create a rich and flavourful taste. It is full of  detoxifying benefits and is the perfect wellness Oil for Modern lifestyles.

When it comes to nutrition-dense super foods , Flaxseed is a wonderful culinary addition to your kitchen. Flaxseed Oil is rich in Omega-3 and Olive oil has high antioxidants. They come together in a unique blend to beautifully compliment your cooking .

Saffola Aura Extra virgin Olive & Flaxseed Oil- Cold pressed

A blend of 80% extra virgin Olive oil with 20%  extra virgin flaxseed oil .It is perfect for salad dressings , dips , spreads , garnishing’s, drizzling and flavouring.

Saffola Aura Refined Olive & Flaxseed Oil

A blend of 80% refined  Olive oil with 20%  refined flaxseed oil. It is perfect for everyday cooking like stir frying , sautéing, roasting , grilling ,baking and preparing Mediterranean dishes like pizzas and pastas.


So, Next time, you’re at the super market, you exactly know what to buy!


Happy Reading


Malvika Gupta

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