Shopping at Select CITYWALK

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If you guys know me at all, you’d know I am a sworn shopaholic. Nothing makes me happier than some good old retail therapy—dresses, bags, shoes; I love a good shopping spree.

While the capital is blessed with a number of shopping destinations, I’veobserved through personal experience, Select CITYWALK in Saket is one of thosewhich go beyond its role as a ‘shopping center’, to become a coveted luxury lifestyle destination.

My recent experience at Select CITYWALK included shopping at my two favourite brands— Aldo and Steve Madden.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.26.53 PM.png

I started at Aldo and picked up two pairs of heels and a pair of summery flats, and proceeded to their accessories store. I really liked a pair of sunglasses in rose gold finish and picked up a set of rings to match. All in all, I was happy—especially because they were running some great offers on the sunnies.

Next up was Steve Madden, I wanted a pair of golden sneakers and Madden had just the shade of gold I was looking for. Once I stepped in, I saw a sling bag that stole my heart and walked out with two pairs of shoes and a bag in addition. To be honest, my haul had more to do with super sweet staff; so hospitable and sweet, they helped me pick out exactly what I had in mind.

I’d already picked a few knick- knacks from the cute kiosks—home décor pieces for mom, a notepad and scarf. An avid shopper like me usually comes out of the store carrying 5-6 bags at least. The place offers a hands free feature just for shopaholics like me, where a staff member helps me around with my shopping haul on my spree! In fact, I love how the shopping center treats its patrons like more than just customers—I feel like an esteemed guest on every trip to the shopping destination.

On the way back home, I picked up a classic glazed donut at Krispy Crème, and indulged in window-shopping. I’ve already picked out what I’m going to pick on my next trip, which would happen very soon!

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