Hair Care Routine

Hello my gorgeous people,
Happy Happy May!
Its a new month and today, we will talk about hair care.
I have had the worst hair days ever: From never ending split ends to burnt hair.
Yes, I have dealt it all, but let me tell you even after going through worst hair eyes, you can still have happy healthy hair.
Lets get this journey started:
Okay, so like any other girl, for my daily routine i follow
Oil-Shampoo-Conditioner-Serum Formula
In terms of oil, I either prefer Coconut oil or Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Oil. The most important thing while oiling is to warm your oil a little before you apply it to your hair and massage well.
The oil needs to penetrate deep inside for best results. You can shop these products here and here.

parachute coconut hair oilbringadi

Coming to the next step, I use Garnier Shampoo & Conditioner.
Its a mild shampoo plus natural. It works well for my hair and I am a person who loves natural products.
There are more options in this range, you can check that out too. Also, these are very pocket friendly so you can get good hair without burning a hole in your pocket.
You can shop it here.


Serum softens our hair and is very good to control frizz. Apply it to towel dried hair and then comb your hair using a wide comb.
Just apply it in the ends, thats it. Pea size amount is sufficient for it, you can shop it here.
I added it to my regime 2 years back when i suffered from very dry hair, it helped me a lot.
Hair care is just as important as you care for your skin. Its such an important part of our personality.
We color our hair and apply heat products, which damages our hair a lot.
You can also use the below listed small hacks that will help your hair in the Long run.
1. Egg+Olive oil Pack
Use this once a week, and leave this on for atleast an hour.
This will provide deep Nourishing to your hair.
2. Curd/Raw Milk
You can use any of these to your hair and leave it for 20 minutes.
Skip oiling and directly go for shampoo plus conditioner.
3. Deep Conditioning
Just leave your conditioner for atleast 30 minutes so that it penetrates deep in your hair and smoothes all the frizz. This is the best thing for people who have split ends.
On the inner side, make sure you include proteins in the form of nuts, eggs and fish.
Meditate and Free yourself from stress. Whatever we think, reflects through our body.
Its important to Sleep well, Eat good and Stay Happy.


I hope this helps you guys!
You can check out my daily stories on my Instagram.
Loads of love
Malvika Gupta

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