Lets Get Sleek

Hey hey,
We put a lot of effort into deciding our outfits – it doesn’t matter whether it is work or a party, our
outfits are important! Each outfit has its own dictums – what to wear, what not to wear. Then you must worry about accessories.

That’s where a wrist watch comes into play. Adding a watch to your outfit creates a remarkable

difference in the way you present yourself! As your Flipkart Fashion Expert, I can tell you that I spent
time on a lot of sites trying to find the perfect fit – but it is on Flipkart that I chose mine.

My personal favourites are the small-dial watches. They add to the slenderness of the wrist, and are
such an elegant fit, really. Plus the femininity of these watches cannot be overstated. There are lot of
options to choose from in small-dial watches as well, I chose this one simply because I can pair this
watch with a lot of outfits!
When it comes to the versatility of these watch, fret not. Styling them is super easy. A small-dialed
watch will add pizzazz to both ethnic and Western wear. I have paired mine with pants and a lacy top,
however you can go with everything from saris to everyday jeans and tops.
The best part is that you can get a range of watches which fit every budget as well, making them the
perfect accessory. I can never get out of home without one, and with Flipkart, you will never have to
So, the next time you are hunting for ornaments to jazz up your outfit, don’t underestimate the value of
a simple wrist watch.

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