Hello Happiness!

We all are juggling in this super hectic life full of stress and work.

Among this busy schedule, we forget OUR importance, this cycle is soo vicious that we just don’t realize but we are missing on sooo many good happy things like Sunsets, Walk with Grandma and sooo many others.


There are times when I feel really low and feel really helpless about my mood.So, I thought , there are soo many of us juggling between same phases thinking what can they do to make this life worthwhile.

Here are few things you must definitely do to cheer yourself up while you’re battling a sad low phase:


Yes, Don’t keep that energy inside you, just release it from within. Be it dancing, running, writing or cooking.You need to convert that negative energy into something positive and THAT is extremely important.I remember when I used to feel low,I used to shut myself up from people.After a point, I realized that I am making things worse for myself by doing all this.I stopped this and starting doing something productive like talking my sisters out for a drive or Baking, it just made me feel better about myself and helped me get over the depression zone!

 2. EAT

Lets admit it, most of us are big time foodies. Well frankly, I love food, like a LOT.But please remember, I don’t mean hogging on a large pizza overloaded with cheese.Instead treat yourself with your favorite dish once in a while and I promise, you will be smiling the entire day.I refrain from eating too many sweets, the other day on my way to Goa I was a little low, My blogger buddy Dixika was having a chocolate cake, She just gives into sweets. So, after seeing yummy Costa cakes, I decided to binge on apple cinnamon slice and believe me , I instantly felt very happy and all the travel energy i lost just came back to me.


Who would say no to a cute puppy face looking at you?Playing with animals instantly improves our Blood circulation level and we enter a happy zone.Stop shutting yourself in your room and play with your little pet.After Guinea pigs, I Got A Toy Poodle and she has completely changed my life, I am a more happy person now.


The only reason we take pictures is to go back to that time and feeling.Sit with your mom and look back at your childhood pictures plus listen to endless cute mischief stories your mom will share with you.Doing this, you will free yourself from the current scenario and go back to old times. Cherish that and enjoy the moment.

You will definitely feel happy!



The answer to your bad mood is definitely good music.Listening to your favorite songs will sway your mood instantly. Just make sure you AVOID all sad ones.You definitely don’t want to end with *I Want To Kill Myself* mood. Listen to soft or party music.


Go sit in the part for sometime and appreciate anything that makes you smile, it can be a flower or good breeze.Nature is the most peaceful thing that will make you calm and cleanse all the negativity. i go to my terrace to watch sunsets a lot of times. It has become an important part of my routine.

Try it out once and Thank me later.


I hope these things help you out a lot, I have mentioned them from my personal experiences.

Also, i have mentioned all those points where you get to spend time with yourself because that’s the most important thing.

Have a blessed day:)


Malvika Gupta

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